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What we do

What we do

Bringing efficiency and security to powering your modern electronics – simple and easy charging straight from the power outlet via USB cable. Sophisticated charging experience that will prolong the battery health and life of your gadgets.

The Idea

Reimagining the power outlet for the smart age. It’s the only future-proof power outlet you will ever need, making traditional chargers obsolete.

The Design

Stunning design and exceptional materials molded into a magnificent work of art. Crafted with great care and attention to detail, the u:Plug is both functional and beautiful – the perfect fit for every home, office or venue.

The Technology

u:Plug is packed with smart tech specifically composed to enable smart charging and convenience. Reach an unprecedented level of charging flow and consistency, specially designed to keep your batteries and gadgets healthy. Our technology ensures no electricity goes to waste.


Smart & Fast Charging

Designed specifically to allow faster and smarter charging. It outputs 5V and 2A of electricity which charges your devices faster, keeps the battery healthy and protects from “stress charging” and overcharging.

u:Plug capabilities


u:Plug outputs 5V and 4A of electricity with near to perfect charging curve. Experience next level power charging and unparalleled efficiency compared to traditional power outlets. The intelligent device recognition technology inside u:Plug, enables tailored charging for all popular devices.

u:Plug capabilities

2 USB Plugs

Two high performing USB plugs for simultaneous charging. Charge both your tablet and mobile device at the same time,
or any other USB charging devices.

u:Plug capabilities

Power Stand

You didn’t pay hundreds of dollars for your gadgets just to leave them unsafe on the floor – we’ve implemented a special cradle to keep your gadgets both secure and ventilated.

Power Light

Check the charging stage from across the room with our smart LED light which uses brightness to indicate how charged your device is. With u:Plug you can check the charging stage with just a glance at any moment.

u:Plug capabilities

Technical specs

  • Standard: German Type
  • USB Charger Port: 2
  • Charges: Every mobile device with USB connectivity
  • USB Output Parameters: 2 x 5V, 2.0A
  • USB Input Parameters: 90-250V, AC 47-63Hz
  • USB No-load Consumption: <0.2 A
  • Vampire Drain: Yes
  • Power Outlet: 1
  • Electrical Parameters: 16A, 250V, AC, 50Hz
  • Max. Power Rating: 3500 W


u:Plug dimension u:Plug dimension

Charging as simple as 1, 2, 3.
u:Plug works so smoothly and intuitively that there is no need to read or
consult the manual.



Install u:Plug

Super easy installation
using just a screwdriver.


Connect device to u:Plug

Plug in your gadget to the USB plug and securely place it on the Power stand.


Charge with u:Plug charge with u:Plug

That’s it – the charging process has started. Now go grab your coffee.


It’s a thing of beauty.

And it’s smart, too.

u:Plug is made to work with beautifully designed simplicity.

No more chargers, adapters or cable messes.



  • High gloss surface, premium ABS
  • Built-in supercharger
  • Power Stand
  • Power Light
  • Smart Charging Sense
  • 32,95 EUR

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3x u:Plug

  • High gloss surface, premium ABS
  • Built-in supercharger
  • Power Stand
  • Power Light
  • Smart Charging Sense
  • 89,95 EUR

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5x u:Plug

  • High gloss surface, premium ABS
  • Built-in 2X USB Charger
  • Power Stand
  • Power Light
  • Smart Charging Sense
  • 144,95 EUR

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Our Partners

We’ve had the pleasure to work with some great brands and companies.

  • Eleven
  • Ilian Milanov Studio
  • Modus


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The team

We’re a bunch of techy guys excited about creating new smart things.

Ivan Jelušić u:Plug ivan@uplug.me

Ivan Jelušić

CEO and Production Manager, founder

Mitko Cabevski u:Plug mitko@uplug.me

Mitko Cabevski

CMO, founder

Stjepan Jelušić u:Plug stjepan@uplug.me

Stjepan Jelušić

Office manager

Daniel Rupić u:Plug daniel.rupic969@gmail.com

Daniel Rupić

Legal, founder

Vlatko Matijević u:Plug vlatko.matijevic@ekoesco.hr

Vlatko Matijević


The future belongs to those who see the possibilities before they become obvious.

Our company mission is to build beautiful smart products that change the paradigm of how people use and interact with everyday appliances.

Subtle innovations have already changed the way we do things forever, letting us do more, more often and empowering us.


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